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Duxbury McIntosh Architects provides exceptional, personalized architectural services for clients through a design approach founded in the modern tradition and tied to the rich and diverse geographical, cultural and historical context of the San Francisco Peninsula, South Bay, and Monterey Bay region. We work closely with the site, topography, climate, community, context, and environment to create distinctive designs that are a realization of our clients goals, lifestyle and aesthetic.
Our approach is collaborative and uniquely personal, listening, observing, learning, sharing ideas and values, and ultimately creating buildings that enhance our clients’ lives, our communities, and our environment. Drawing upon decades of experience, using current technologies and methods, our process is steeped in architectural philosophy that posits excellence in design, engineering and art. Based upon fundamental principles of architectural design and sound building science, and always keeping to the axioms of health, safety, and environmental responsibility, we design high-quality, comfortable, and delightful structures. Duxbury McIntosh Architects strives to create meaningful, timeless, beautiful places for life.


Our firm guides projects from conception through completion of construction. We are passionately involved throughout the duration of the project, and our services are tailored to clients’ specific needs and to the requirements of each unique property and context. The design process always begins with the client and with the site. Every project springs from a process of discovery, determining the project goals, brainstorming ideas, as well as uncovering the opportunities and challenges that arise from the site. In practice, we view challenges as opportunities to discover innovative design solutions that are responsive to the project vision. Throughout the initial exploration, we begin to develop a unified vision together that informs the entire design process, from the initial sketches, all the way through to the specific details. Design ideas and concepts are generated and tested. We study the building through diagrams, sketches, floor plans, elevations, sections, 3D models, as well as through thoughtful conversation. The vision crystallizes as we progress through the design development phase and the details, material specifications, and technical systems take shape. Working with the project team of engineers and technical consultants, we develop the construction plans and documents for permitting and construction. Our established collaborative relationships with consultants, contractors, and vendors contribute to informed design decisions and result in successfully communicated and realized projects. We work actively with the cities, counties, and governing jurisdictions, navigating the review and permitting processes to guide the plans to permit issuance and the start of construction. During construction, we remain integrally involved with clients, contractors, interior designers, and vendors to shepherd the design vision to completion.


In 1985, Duxbury Architects was established by Peter Duxbury in San Francisco, moving to the South Bay Area shortly thereafter. Throughout the firm’s history, it has had offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Los Gatos, however grew its deepest roots in Los Altos, which was home base for over 25 years. The work is focused on high quality custom residential projects, including new homes, entire house makeovers, additions/remodels, interior design, and landscape design. In 2005, Duxbury Architects was selected as the architects for the new Los Altos Hills Town Hall, a highly successful civic and community center building. Upon Peter’s passing in 2020, the Town honored his memory by dedicating a conference room in the Town Hall in his name.


Bill McIntosh joined the firm full time in 1997, and under the mentorship of Peter Duxbury, Bill became instrumental in the design process and management of the majority of the firms projects as the senior project architect. He was the project architect for the Los Altos Hills Town Hall in 2005. Upon Peter’s retirement, Duxbury McIntosh Architects was formed with Bill McIntosh as principal architect in 2019, carrying the firm’s mission into the future.


Bill McIntosh received his Architect license in 2000. He holds a professional degree in Architecture, B:Arch 1995, and two minor degrees, in Philosophy, and in Art, from California State Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. He designs and manages all the firms projects, based upon a foundation of sound design principles and management skills honed over his decades of experience in practice at the firm.

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