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Two Story Residence | Santa Clara County | New Construction

Architecture: Duxbury McIntosh Architects
Builder: Quiroz Construction
Interior: Client
Photography: Bernard André


A modern interpretation of the classic farmhouse, the design reflects the client’s penchant for minimalism, featuring clean lines, neutral colors, and a sense of functionality, maintaining the retrained details and aesthetic of traditional home. Beauty and function are harmoniously integrated at every turn. The high ceilings maintain an open and airy living space, while white walls and light-colored flooring create a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Large windows invite natural light throughout the house.
The kitchen is a stylish and efficient space, with clean lined traditional cabinetry, and a central island focused on function. The traditional millwork detailing adds a touch of warmth to the contemporary design. The bedrooms, located on the upper level, feature sloped ceilings that follow the traditional pitched rooflines. The bathrooms are characterized by clean lines and modern fixtures. Each room has its own unique character while maintaining a cohesive design theme.


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