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Two Story Residence | Los Altos Hills | Comprehensive Remodel & Attached ADU Addition

Architecture: Duxbury McIntosh Architects

Builder: RJ Dailey Construction

Landscape: Thomas Klope

Interior: Jan Proceviat

Photography: Rio Costantini

A modern update to a French country style home which retains the charm of the traditional style while introducing sleek lines, contemporary materials, and a fresh perspective. The project reinterprets the traditional form while instilling modern design principles.

The exterior of the house showcases a combination of classic and contemporary elements. Traditional features, such as steep roofs, dormer windows, and stone accents, blend with modern touches like clean lines, large windows, and a minimalist color palette. The use of natural materials, such as stone, wood, and stucco, creates a warm and inviting facade.

The front elevation was stripped of unnecessary ornament and disorganized architectural elements that distracted from the classic forms. The exterior detailing was completely and thoughtfully revisited to provide subtle elegance, creating an open an inviting impression. The new portico includes traditional masonry details, presenting a classic approach. The two story foyer wraps around a circular staircase, was stripped and refinished, complete with a gracefully modern custom iron railing. The volume of the space is accentuated with full height, two story windows facing the expansive back yard.

The living areas exude a relaxed elegance. A unique octagonal living room was appointed with a dome ceiling to soften the geometry and create a sophisticated entertaining space. The kitchen blends functionality with modern design aesthetic. Windows were enlarged and added throughout to maximize natural light and take advantage of available views to the beautifully landscaped property.

The house embraces outdoor living spaces that connect seamlessly with the interior with several pairs of french doors. A spacious cabana serves as an extension of the living area, providing a perfect setting for dining, relaxation, and entertaining. Landscaping around the house captures the essence of the countryside, incorporating a swimming pool and spa, lush gardens, manicured lawns.

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