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Town Hall & Community Center | Los Altos Hills | New Construction

Architecture: Duxbury McIntosh Architects

Construction Manager: TBI Construction

Landscape: Tom Klope

Interior: Pamela Pennington

The Los Altos Hills Town Hall serves as the administrative and cultural center for the community of Los Altso Hills. It embraces architectural design principles emblematic of the Town’s rural character while maintaining modern functionality, accessibility, and a connection to the local community.

The exterior exhibits a low profile appearance, combining deep overhangs and expansive windows to create personal and inviting outdoor spaces. The building features board and batten siding, with natural wood eaves, providing a rustic materiality consistent with the rural history of the Town. The post and beam structural system is subtly expressed through exposed ridge beams and outriggers that support the expansive gabled roofs and eaves. Large modern windows provide openness and connection to the outdoors. A copper clad horizontal light shelf punctuates the window openings while providing an additional measure of protection from the sun and weather.

As you enter the town hall, you are welcomed into a spacious and light-filled lobby. Vaulted acoustical wood ceilings, an open layout, and abundant natural light create a vibrant and welcoming space. The interior design reflects modern aesthetics with a personal and friendly approach, employing a relaxed color palette, and ample work surfaces offering an invitation for the flow of communication.

The main administrative area is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various functions, providing efficient workspaces for local government officials and staff. Open-plan offices promote collaboration and transparency, while private meeting rooms offer spaces for confidential discussions. Adjacent to the administrative area, there are public spaces designed to facilitate community engagement. The council chambers serves as a venue for council meetings, community gatherings, and cultural events. The space is flexible, allowing for different seating configurations and state-of-the-art audiovisual systems to accommodate presentations and discussions.

The building's design incorporates extensive sustainable features, such as solar photovoltaic panels, ample use of daylighting, and highly efficient HVAC and natural ventilation, emphasizing its commitment to environmental responsibility. Natural lighting, supplemented by energy-efficient LED fixtures, reduces energy consumption and cooling loads. Efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation systems maintain a comfortable environment while minimizing the building's carbon footprint. commitment to sustainability. In addition to technical measures, the building was planned for functional energy savings as well. The various functions and times of use were carefully considered in the planning process. While administrative functions are primarily during the day, meetings and community events are often in the evening. Zoning was utilized to allow for appropriate lighting and HVAC to serve the space only when called for. The building was awarded the PG&E ‘Savings by Design’ award for energy efficiency.

Outdoor spaces surrounding the town hall are designed to be inviting as well as functional. The central courtyard celebrates a large heritage oak tree, symbolizing the Town’s commitment to preserving the natural oak forests throughout the community. The courtyard serves as a gathering place for community events, with water efficient landscaping, public art installations, and a long meandering concrete seat wall, that was dubbed the ‘Donor Wall’. The Donor Wall is adorned with handmade tiles that were made and donated by the Town’s residents in support of the building as a center of the community. Accessible pathways and ramps ensure inclusivity, while bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging stations encourage sustainable transportation.

The town hall building is more than an administrative center; it serves as a vibrant hub that brings the community together. It reflects the values and aspirations of the Town, providing an aesthetically pleasing and functional space that encourages civic participation, enhances government efficiency, and fosters a sense of community pride.

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