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One Story Residence | Los Altos Hills | Comprehensive Remodel, Addition of Basement, Swimming pool, Spa & Terraced gardens & Patios

Architecture: Duxbury McIntosh Architects
Builder: Godby Construction
Interior: Erin Crain
Pool & Landscape Design: Bill McIntosh
Pool & Landscape Construction: EBCON/ Canderle Pools
Photography: Bernard André / Rio Costantini


A series of projects on this hillside house realize the potential for a truly unique home tailored to the client’s active lifestyle. The original challenge was to give the existing disjointed house an understandable entry and to reclaim the prime yard space that was occupied by an overly expansive asphalt driveway and oversized garage. The solution was to create a basement underneath, adding a three car garage, a recreation room, home theater, and connecting the previously detached guest suite on the lower level. A exterior stair ‘tower’ was created to focus the entry to the house.


A few years later, the addition of terraced gardens and a swimming pool and and spa unlocks the full enjoyment of this meticulously landscaped property. The use of large boulders and natural stone melds this home seamlessly into the topography. This house and site are inseparable and coalesce as a quintessential indoor-outdoor sanctuary sheltered in the hills above the hustle of the valley.

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